Building an Eco house

What is eco?

When designing an eco house there is no silver bullet.

Small, incremental changes to design, build and materials are how we create more efficient, warmer, healthier homes that are also easier on the planet.

It’s things like making the most of the sun’s free heating power, using high levels of insulation, and building in good natural ventilation. Using recycled and sustainable building materials alongside energy and water-saving fixtures and appliances also hugely reduce the home’s impact on the environment.

Being eco isn’t alternative, it just makes sense. The small changes you make to the way you live your life will pay untold dividends in your health, wellbeing and comfort while protecting the environment for generations to come.

designing an eco house in New Zealand

Why live eco?

The majority of New Zealand homes work against the climate, rather than with it. They’re energy inefficient, drafty, damp, too cold or too hot and comparatively expensive to run. Most homes also use far more water than necessary, and can be made of materials that damage our health and the environment.

Living eco doesn’t mean you have to give up style, comfort or convenience. Often it’s just about making smarter choices about where and how you live.

Eco homes are a great example of this. They’re designed to consider the immediate environment and each one carefully integrates ‘solar passive design’ to control the interior temperature, and incorporates heat stores for keeping the house warm once the sun goes down. The better the house performs, the less you need to spend on heating and cooling. These features mean that you’ll have the opportunity to minimise your impact on the environment with a few simple changes in your behaviour.

My Advice?

Before undertaking that building project, seek advice on the best way to implement ECO principles into your home or workspace…It just makes sense!

Phil Shaw designer of the eHouse eco home

Phil Shaw NZCD(arch) NDipCM

Architectural Designer and Managing Director of ICR Consulting Limited and ehouse TM

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